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Explore FineTech Engineering's specialized products tailored for the rubber industry. From Lab Testing Equipment industrial knives to cutting-edge testing equipment, our solutions redefine excellence in rubber manufacturing. Elevate your processes with innovation and reliability. FineTech – where every product ensures the perfect blend of resilience and precision.

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FineTech Engineering shapes the resilience and Lab Testing Equipment of the rubber industry with specialized industrial knives and cutting-edge testing equipment, offering innovative solutions for superior rubber manufacturing.


Lab Testing Equipment Tools for Rubber Manufacturing

Explore our range of industrial knives and cutting-edge tools designed to meet the unique demands of rubber manufacturing. FineTech’s Lab Testing Equipment tools ensure accuracy and consistency, from cutting to shaping, enhancing the overall quality of rubber products.

Discover our range of industrial knives crafted for the rubber industry. FineTech’s Lab Testing Equipment tools guarantee efficiency and resilience in manufacturing processes, from cutting to shaping, ensuring the highest quality rubber products.

Our Products

Rubber Industry

Finetech Engineering

DIN Abrasion Tester

Finetech Engineering

Demattia flex tester

Finetech Engineering

Pendulum Rebound Resilience

Finetech Engineering

Ross flex tester


compression set


Bennewart Flex Tester


Vertical Rebound Tester


Innovative Testing Equipment for Rubber Quality Assurance

Discover our advanced testing equipment tailored specifically for the rubber industry. FineTech’s innovative solutions provide reliable quality control, ensuring that your rubber products meet stringent standards. Trust in our technology to elevate the precision of your rubber manufacturing processes and assure the quality of your end products.

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