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Our Services Step up your industry game with FineTech Services.

Dive into a world of Lab Testing Equipment, customization, and innovation. Our services go the extra mile, providing personalized solutions for what you need. Whether it's making Lab Testing Equipment tools or making your industrial processes work better, FineTech Engineering is here to help you shine. Check out what we offer and discover new possibilities for your business.

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Our Services

FineTech Engineering Your Partner for Lab Testing Equipment Manufacturing, Calibration, and Annual Maintenance Contracts for Reliable Industrial Solutions.


FineTech Engineering specialises in manufacturing laboratory testing equipment, moulds, cutters for test specimens, and Lab Testing Equipment industrial knives and blades, ensuring high-quality solutions for diverse industries.


FineTech Engineering provides comprehensive equipment calibration services, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your machinery for optimal performance and regulatory compliance.

Annual Maintenance Contracting

FineTech Engineering offers annual maintenance contracts, providing proactive and comprehensive maintenance services to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.

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