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Optimize your rubber testing processes with Finetech Engineering’s Bennewart Flex Tester. Tailored for evaluating the flexural endurance and fatigue properties of rubber materials, our tester ensures precise and reliable results. Engineered with advanced technology and intuitive controls, the Bennewart Flex Tester offers unparalleled accuracy and consistency, empowering you to assess material performance with confidence. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that elevate your rubber testing capabilities and drive product excellence. 



The Bennewart Flex Tester is a device used to test the flexing resistance of outsoles. It is designed to flex the outsole at a certain speed and angle, aiming to check the effect of sole materials and surface patterns on cut growth1. This tester is used to meet the standards of ISO 20344, ISO 17707 and DIN 53543

Here’s a brief description of the test process:

The heel is removed from the outsole and the outsole is clamped according to the standard.

The outsole is fully flexed in the right position.

A cut is made on the sample with an equipped chisel (cutting cool) to the required length, the cut should be parallel to the bennewart flex machine.

The machine is pre-set to run 30,000 cycles.

After it finishes the pre-set cycles, the cut growth and any change of the outsole are checked.

The tester features include multiple test positions, safety cover to protect the operator, and a brand motor to ensure long service life1. It also comes with temperature control 




60 Hz


230 V


Mild Steel



Surface Finish

Powder Coating

Display Type


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