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Enhance your plastic testing capabilities with Finetech Engineering’s Burst Strength Tester. Engineered to assess the burst strength and durability of plastic materials, our tester delivers precise and reliable results. Featuring robust construction and intuitive controls, including customizable test parameters, the Burst Strength Tester ensures accurate evaluation of material performance under pressure. Trust Finetech Engineering for innovative testing solutions that uphold industry standards and optimize product quality in the plastic manufacturing process. 



Finetech Bursting Strength Tester is designed to find bursting strength of fabric/ leather/ paper/paperboard & corrugated box. A test specimen is held between two annular clamps under sufficient pressure to minimize slippage. The upper clamping surface which is in contact with the test specimens has continuous spiral grooves. A circular diaphragm of pure gum rubber is clamped between the lower clamping plate & upper clamping plate

The equipment is fitted with a motor driven cam mechanism, which increases fluid displacement on the lower side of the diaphragm at a specified rate. The equipment is fitted with an arrangement, which automatically stops the motor when the pressure down and return to previous position on completion of the test cycle. A maximum reading on the pressure gauge gives the bursting pressure. The equipment is designed to give a long & trouble-free life. Digital type pressure gauge is also available. Digital type pressure gauge with pneumatic clamping model also available. 





220 V AC 50Hz (Optional: 110V AC 60 Hz)

220 V AC 50Hz ( Optional: 110V AC 60 Hz)

Maximum Capacity

40 Kg/cm2

40 Kg/cm2

Sample Types

Paper, Corrugated Box, Board, Foils and Pouches

Paper, Corrugated Box, Board, Foils and Pouches


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