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Enhance your plastic testing capabilities with Finetech Engineering’s Dart Impact Tester. Engineered to simulate real-world impact conditions, our tester accurately assesses the impact resistance and durability of plastic materials. Featuring customizable dart weights and precise control, the Dart Impact Tester ensures consistent and reliable results, enabling you to evaluate material strength and performance with confidence. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that optimize product quality and reliability in the plastic manufacturing process. 



Dart drop impact tester is an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed instrument used to measure the impact resistance of plastic film, coated paper and other materials utilizing the free-falling dart method to meet ASTM D1709.

A pneumatic sample clamp is used to secure the specimen in place for ease of operation and operator safety. Electromagnetic suspension and automatic release of the falling dart reduce the errors caused by manual operation 



Test Method

Method A or Method B

Test Range

Method A: 50 ~ 2000 g
Method B: 300 ~ 2000 g


Powder coated.


230Volts, 50Hz, single phase.

Specimen Clamp

Pneumatic clamp

Pressure of air Supply

6 Kg/cm2

Specimen Size


Drop heights

66 m (ASTM D1709 – Method A)

1.524 m (ASTM D1709 – Method B)

Additional Weights

5g -4 nos,15g -4 no,30 g 4 nos

60g- 4 nos,100 gram-2 no,

200 g -2 no, 300 g- 2 no,

600 g- 2 no

Power Supply



28 kg

Instrument Dimension

Method A 450x450x1320

Method B 450x450x2160

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