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Ensure the durability of plastic materials with Finetech Engineering’s Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR) Apparatus, compliant with ASTM D standards. Engineered to simulate real-world conditions, our apparatus accurately assesses a material’s resistance to environmental stress cracking. Featuring precise control over temperature, stress, and solution concentration, the ESCR Apparatus delivers reliable results for evaluating material performance under harsh environments. Trust Finetech Engineering for advanced testing solutions that optimize product quality and reliability in the plastic manufacturing industry. 



Stresses on plastic materials can cause internal and external ruptures, but are

accelerated by the environmental conditions to which the material is exposed. Finetech

ESCR Apparatus determine the amount of such susceptibility when the material is

subjected to stress in the presence of environments such as soups, oils and detergents

Finetech ESCR Apparatus have a stainless steel water bath that is heated to a specified

temperature which is maintained by digital controller. A pump circulates the water to maintain

a uniform temperature. A stainless steel tray holds the test tube containing the specimens. A magnified view of the cracks that develop on each specimen can be seen during the operation

with a magnifier through a glass window (Standard ASTM D-1693)




Temperature Range

From ambient to 100ºC


Cutting die, Nicking jig, Bending tool, transfer tool and Aluminium foil – 1no each, Specimen holder, Test tube and Rubber cork -10 nos. each.


Powder coated.

Power Supply

230 Volts, 50 Hz, single phase


475mm x 300mmx520mm

Total Weight




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