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Upgrade your plastic testing efficiency with Finetech Engineering’s Flammability Tester. Specifically designed to assess the flammability characteristics of plastic materials, our tester ensures accurate and reliable results. With advanced features such as precise temperature control and safety measures, our Flammability Tester provides a comprehensive solution for evaluating material fire resistance. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that enhance product safety and compliance with industry regulations. 



  • Ideal for wide range of incubating, tempering, thermal storage and drying application.
  • Triple walled Construction with regular and GMP models.
  • Thermal insulation provided in-between the walls to prevent loss of temperature.
  • Ventilator is provided on top & side wall for exhaust. This can be adjusted according to the requirement.
  • The door will be of flush type and will be provided with positive locking arrangement.
  • Cross flow air circulation for better uniformity and accuracy.
  • The heating elements are fitted on the two sides of the oven to facilitate uniform dissipation of heat all over the chamber.
  • Digital temperature controller with Cr/Al thermocouple.
  • Working size : 200 / 400 & 650 Liters.
  • Temperature range : Above ambient to 250°C.

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