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Elevate your plastic testing accuracy with Finetech Engineering’s HDT VSP Apparatus. Engineered to measure the Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) and Vicat Softening Point (VSP) of plastic materials, our apparatus offers precise and reliable results. With advanced features such as customizable test parameters and intuitive controls, the HDT VSP Apparatus ensures accurate evaluation of material thermal properties, enabling you to make informed decisions about material selection and processing. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that optimize plastic product development and quality control processes. 



Finetech HDT/VST instrument is used for determining the deflection temperature limit for specific application and comparing the heat softening characteristics of thermoplastic material at a constant load in oil media up to 300°C.

Plastic materials, being heat sensitive in nature, have a lot of bearing on thermal environment for their performance. Though their behaviour in thermal conditions is very complex, some simple yield tests are used to predict its behaviour and performance in a given condition. Vicat Softening Point’ or ‘Heat Deflection Temperature’ is one of such yield points, very commonly used for engineering plastics. Vicat test consist of penetrating a unit size indenter in a plastic surface with predefined load under constant rate of environmental temperature rise. Heat distortion test, as it is sometimes called, consists of deflecting a simply supported beam of test material under similar heating conditions and with a predefined stress application


Test for deflection temperature of plastics under flexural load. Heat distortion temp. is the temp. At which a sample deflects by 0.1 inch. (2.5 mm). Standard test methods: ASTM D648, ISO 75


Vicat softening point is the temperature at which the needle penetrates 1 mm into the sample. Standard test methods: ASTM D 1525, ISO 306


  • Temperature is controlled by digital dual display, PID based temp. Controller with RAMP /RATE RISE system.
  • Heating load: 1.5 Kw.
  • Oil Chamber: Inside SS, outside MS body. Capacity: 15 litres. With vertical base mounted stirrer with speed regulator.
  • Combination of tests: 2-HDT stations & 2-VSP station provided (or as per customer’s requirement).
  • Test Loads: 1 Kg (Other loads can be supplied optionally).
  • Rate of Heating: 120 & 50 Deg.C./Hour.
  • Mitutoyo/Baker make JO2 model dial gauge for penetration & deflection readings.
  • Power requirement: 230V AC, 50 Hz Single Phase. 




Temperature range



Rate of rise







2 or(as per requirement)

2 or(as per requirement)



RS 232


Inner SS.304

Outer MS Powder coated

Inner SS.304

Outer MS Powder coated




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