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Unlock the resilience of rubber materials with Finetech Engineering’s Pendulum Rebound Resilience Tester. Engineered to assess the rebound resilience of rubber compounds, our tester offers precise and consistent measurements, enabling you to evaluate the energy absorption and elasticity of rubber specimens with confidence. With intuitive controls and reliable performance, our Pendulum Rebound Resilience Tester ensures accurate results, empowering you to optimize product quality and performance. Trust Finetech Engineering for innovative testing solutions that elevate your rubber testing capabilities. 

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Rubber Rebound Resilience Tester is designed to determine the rebound resilience of rubber, flexible cellular materials, thermoplastics, elastomers, soft elastic foams subjected to impact by a pendulum from a specified height, to obtain the optimum applicability, the quality differentiation of various materials, and changes of characteristics after the aging test, etc. The rebound resistance test is an effective method to get quality assurance during the rubber production process or on the finished products.

When the elastomer is struck by an external force, an energy input is involved, some of which is returned when the rubber returns to its original state. The rest energy which is not returned is dissipated as heat in the elastomer. The ratio of the energy returned to the energy exerted is called resilience. When the deformation is an indentation due to a single impact, this ratio is referred to as rebound resilience. The rebound resilience value is not always constant for one material due to variations of testing temperature, strain distribution, strain rate, strain energy and strain history.

Test Principle

A test piece with the plane and parallel surfaces clamped into the rebound resilience testing machine is impacted on one surface by a pendulum with a spherical end from a defined height. The rebound resilience is evaluated by measuring the energy of the impacting mass immediately before and after impact. 


FT -PRT-01

Length of  Pendulum


Impact Energy

0.5 J, 0.2 J

Range of Display


Impact Speed

1.4~2.04 m/sec

Hemisphere dia

15 mm

Shape A Hemisphere dia

30 mm

Shape B cylinder dia

40 mm, and round end radius: 40 mm


200 X 250 X 570 mm


0.1 %

Scale Value

1 mm


33 kg

Power Supply

100- 120 VAC

Data Output

V24 RS 232 – 9600 baud, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit

Testing Speed

Adjustable from 60 – 300 cycles/minute

Adjustment For Specimen Thickness

0 … 60 mm

Angle of Incidence


Impact  Velocity

2 m/s

Power Supply

100 – 240 VAC ; 50 / 60 hz 1P

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