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Discover the pinnacle of abrasion testing precision with Finetech Engineering’s DIN Abrasion Tester. Designed to adhere to the stringent DIN standards, our tester offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability in evaluating the abrasion resistance of rubber and plastic materials. With customizable test parameters and intuitive controls, our DIN Abrasion Tester empowers you to assess material durability with ease, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in your products. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that redefine industry standards.
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DIN Abrasion Tester – DIN Abrader is a rotary drum abrasion tester to test abrasion resistance of rubber products on specified grade abrasive paper under certain pressure. DIN abrasion standard includes ISO 4649, DIN 53516, ASTM D5963, etc.

DIN Abrader consists of a rotating drum whose surface would be stick with sandpaper 60#. DIN Abrasion is one of the most common rubber abrasion test methods. Equipped with a rotational block, Finetech DIN abrasion machine can do both rotating and non-rotating tests.

Clamp the rubber sample on the specimen holder, the DIN abrasion machine would rub the sample on the drum under a certain inclination and a certain load. Then to measure the sample volume loss after rubbed for a certain distance. 





Fixture load


Weight load


Drum diameter


Wheel length


Abrasion speed


Fixture lateral displacement

4.2mm/wheel each lap

Rotational frequency of drum


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