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Maximize the reliability of plastic products with Finetech Engineering’s Vibration Tester. Tailored for assessing the durability and performance of plastic materials under various vibration conditions, our tester ensures precise and consistent results. With advanced technology and intuitive controls, including customizable vibration parameters, the Vibration Tester empowers you to evaluate material resilience and quality with confidence. Trust Finetech Engineering for innovative testing solutions that drive excellence in plastic manufacturing and product development. 



Finetech Equipment & Accessories provides high quality, durable Vibration Tester that can be used to k the resistance to vibrations in various specimen continuously and extensively for long periods. Our equipment comes with Available in various models in all over countries.

We offer the latest models so that our customers gain equipment that is easy-to-use, quick and which consume very less power to carry out designated tasks.

Vibration Tester offers the perfect satisfaction with its testing features, low cost, consistent performance, quick speed, even cost-effectiveness. Out of its many qualities, one that makes it stand out is its tester efficiency, allowing manufacturers to complete as many tasks as possible within a short period of time.

Checks resistance to ‘vibrations’ Continuous vibrations over a long-distance journey could hurt your products irreparably and damage your company name among dealers and customers. The Finetech Vibration Tester allows you to check how several hours of vibrations will affect your products, before you actually send them out. 





Capacity (ml)

30 Kgs ( 1 – 30 Kg loading )

50 Kgs ( 1 – 50 Kg loading )

80 Kgs ( 1 – 80 Kg loading )









Acceleration (g)

0 – 1.5g

0 – 1.5g

0 – 1.5g

Standard Platform Top

Wooden Platform (can be change as per requirement)

Wooden Platform (can be change as per requirement)

Wooden Platform (can be change as per requirement)

Platform Size

600mm x 600 mm

750mm x 750mm

1000 mm x 1000mm

Axis of vibration

Horizontal/ Vertical/ Sinusoidal

Horizontal/ Vertical/ Sinusoidal

Horizontal/ Vertical/ Sinusoidal

Total size

600mm x 720 mm x 650mm

750mm x 870 mm x 650mm

1000 mm x 1120 mm x 650mm

Weight (kg)

80 kg

120 kg

175 kg

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