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Elevate your rubber testing capabilities with Finetech Engineering’s Ross Flex Tester. Specifically designed to evaluate the flexural endurance and resistance of rubber materials, our tester ensures accurate and reliable results. With its robust construction and user-friendly interface, the Ross Flex Tester offers precise control and consistent performance, enabling you to assess material durability with confidence. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. 

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The Ross Flex Tester, also known as the Ross Flexing Tester, is a device designed to determine the resistance of vulcanized or synthetic elastomers to cut growth. This is done under continuous bend flexing at a 90° angle.

The test is based on the ASTM D1052 standard, which covers a method for measuring the cut growth in rubber vulcanizates subjected to repeated bend flexing. The test gives an estimate of the ability of rubber vulcanizates to resist crack growth of a pierced specimen when subjected to bend flexing.

The Ross Flexing Tester is suitable for testing materials such as rubber, sole, PU, and others. It is equipped with 12 grips and can test 12 specimens at the same time. The bending speed is 100±3 CPM. The tester is also equipped with a digital system that has a memory function1. 




6 set can test  12 pcs sample at the  same time

Specimen Holder


Bending Angle

90 0 ± 20

Bending Speed

(100 ± 3) cpm for test standard of ASTM-D1052


(60±5) cpm for test standards of SATRA TM60, ISO 5423, BS5131-2.1, GB/T 20265 ISO 20344-8.5, ISO 4643, HG/T2411

Specimen Dimension

150 x 25 x 5 mm (ASTM-D1052) or 152 x 25 x 6.35 mm (SATRA TM60, ISO 5423, BS5131-2.1, GB/T 20265 ISO 20344-8.5, ISO 4643, HG/T2411)


610 X 500 X 550mm


40 kg

Power Supply

AC 220 V, 1 phase

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