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Experience unparalleled durability testing precision with Finetech Engineering’s Demattia Flex Tester. Crafted to exacting standards, our tester offers comprehensive evaluation of the flexural fatigue properties of rubber and plastic materials. Designed for ease of use and accuracy, our Demattia Flex Tester provides reliable results, enabling you to assess material performance with confidence. Rely on Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that redefine industry benchmarks.
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DE MATTIA FLEX TESTER (as per IS 3400 (Part 7, 8) 1977 IS 7016) is an electrically driven tester that determines the resistance of vulcanised rubber compounds, coated and treated fabrics against breaking when flexed. Crack development at the part of the surface where stresses are formed during flexing, or in the part of the surface that already had a crack, leads the crack to extend in the direction perpendicular to stress. This test also determines the endurance of the material. The equipment tests six samples at a time. 


FT -DFT-02




490 x 300 x 530 mm


38 kg

Power Supply

220 Voltage, 50 Hz, 1 PH

Testing Speed

Adjustable from 60 – 300 cycles/minute

Clamping Distance

100 mm

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