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Maximize the reliability of rubber products with Finetech Engineering’s Compression Set Tester. Engineered to assess the permanent deformation and resilience of rubber materials under compressive loads, our tester delivers precise and consistent results. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, the Compression Set Tester empowers you to evaluate material performance accurately, ensuring durability and quality in your rubber applications. Rely on Finetech Engineering for innovative testing solutions that drive excellence in the rubber industry. 



Test Method B—Compression Set Under Constant Deflection in Air is a method used to measure the ability of elastomeric materials to maintain their elastic properties after prolonged compressive stress12. This test is particularly useful for applications in which elastomers would be in a constant pressure/release state2.

Here’s a brief description of the process:

The thickness of the original specimen is measured.

The specimen is then placed between spacers and in the compression device.

The specimen is compressed to 75% of its original height, using spacers to accurately measure the compression.

Within two hours of assembly, the compression device is placed in an oven at a specified temperature for the suggested time periods of 22 hours and 70 hours.

After removing the sample from the oven, the specimen is allowed to cool for 30 minutes before measuring the final thickness.

The compression set is expressed as a percentage of the original deflection. The formula used is:



CB is the Compression set

to​ is the Original thickness of the specimen

ti​ is the Final thickness of the specimen

tn​ is the thickness of the space bars used. 

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