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Finetech Engineering specializes in providing industry-specific blades tailored to enhance cutting efficiency across various sectors. Our precision-engineered blades are designed to meet the unique demands of industries such as plastics manufacturing, packaging, textiles, food processing, and recycling. Whether you need blades for extrusion, granulating, fabric cutting, food slicing, or material shredding, Finetech Engineering offers customized solutions to optimize performance and productivity. We understand the critical role that quality blades play in manufacturing processes, which is why we prioritize precision, durability, and reliability in every blade we produce. Trust Finetech Engineering for industry-specific cutting solutions that exceed expectations.


Finetech Engineering offers cutting solutions tailored to specific industry, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in every application.

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Blades by Industry at Finetech Engineering offers a comprehensive range of precision blades tailored for specific sectors such as plastics manufacturing, packaging, textiles, food processing, and recycling. Our industry-specific blades are meticulously crafted to meet the unique cutting requirements of each sector, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Whether you need blades for granulating plastics, cutting packaging materials, or slicing food products, Finetech Engineering provides customized solutions that deliver exceptional results. Explore our specialized blade offerings designed to elevate cutting processes across various industries.
At Finetech Engineering, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship when it comes to industry-specific blades. Our team of skilled engineers and craftsmen pays meticulous attention to detail in designing and manufacturing blades that meet the rigorous standards of different industries. We utilize advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure durability, precision, and reliability in every blade we produce. From concept to execution, Finetech Engineering prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering tailored blade solutions that optimize cutting performance and contribute to the overall efficiency of manufacturing processes. Trust Finetech Engineering for industry-leading blades that are built to last.

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Blades by Industries

Slitting Accessories Pneumatic Knife Blade Holders

Pneumatic Air Knife Holders

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Metalworking Knives


Vegetable-Fruit Knives

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Cardboard Cutting Knives

500 25 4 5 0mm Steel Cutting Blades Film Cutting Knife Round HSS Circular Saw Blade

Film Cutting Blades

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Plastic Cutting Blades

Fish Processing Food Cutting Blades

Seafood Processing Blades

Fish and Poultry Processing Machine Blades Knife

Poultry Processing Knives

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Medical Blades 

Fish Processing Food Cutting Blades

Meat Processing Knives

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Textile Blades

Circular Toothed Perforating Knives Krumar

Rubber Cutting Blades

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Tire Cutting Blades


Food Processing Knives

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Paper Cutting Blades

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