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Enhance your plastic testing capabilities with Finetech Engineering’s Drop Tester. Engineered to simulate real-world impact conditions, our tester accurately assesses the durability and resilience of plastic materials. Featuring customizable drop heights and precise control, the Drop Tester ensures consistent and reliable results, enabling you to evaluate material strength and performance with confidence. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that optimize product quality and reliability in the plastic manufacturing process. 



Drop Tester can be used to ascertain the drop Strength of corrugated boxes while transportation. This instrument has a feature which provides an angular drop. This assists in ascertaining the packaging quality and worthiness.

The Drop Tester has application in various industries to test the potency of plastic containers and corrugated boxes. The machine functions by dropping a test specimen from a certain height to calculate the Strength of the sample.

The Drop Tester adheres to various industry standards like ASTM D5276. The instrument can also be customized as per ISTA Standards 1A and 3A on request 



Testing height

Various range of drop height from 0.25m to 4 m

Max. dimension of Box that can be tested

(Customizable and adjustable on request)

Max weight of Box to be tested

(Customizable and adjustable on request)

Height Measuring Scale least count


Method of Droping

Face, Edge, Corner drop

Base dimension(Floor Space)

        950 x 600 mm

Top Edge holding device

Adjustable according to sample

Dropping platform type

Twin flaps

Opening Actuation

Manual through lever/Auto


Mild steel painted/powder coating

Dropping Platform lift mechanism


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