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Elevate your plastic testing precision with Finetech Engineering’s Melting Point Apparatus. Designed to accurately determine the melting point of plastic materials, our apparatus offers reliable and consistent results. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, including precise temperature control and digital display, the Melting Point Apparatus ensures precise analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions about material properties and processing parameters. Trust Finetech Engineering for cutting-edge testing solutions that optimize plastic product development and quality control processes.



Finetech make Melting Point Apparatus is to find the Melting point value of the polymers and other material. The tester is with full ancillaries, capillary tubes, Glass magnifier, Toughened filter glass and digital temp. integrator for reading the value directly.

After filling the test specimen in capillary tube to be kept in the hole provide upper side, the temperature rise on set ramp rate on PID digital controller with display, visually inspect and find the value.

Temperature Range: 250 degree

No. of Test piece:3 no

Suitable for accurate determination of melting point and melting range.

Seven Segment LED display for temperature indication with readability 0.10 C. 

Temp. Range (deg. Celsius)

2 to 300 deg. celsius

Power (V)

230V,50Hz,500 W

Model Number




Operation Grade


No of capillary holding

Min 3no


Dia2mm/dia 6.35mm



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