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Refine your plastic color evaluation with Finetech Engineering’s Color Matching Cabinet. Designed to provide controlled lighting conditions for accurate color assessment, our cabinet ensures precise color matching and consistency across plastic materials. With adjustable light sources and intuitive controls, including customizable viewing angles, the Color Matching Cabinet delivers reliable results, enabling you to achieve desired color specifications with confidence. Trust Finetech Engineering for innovative testing solutions that optimize product aesthetics and quality in the plastic manufacturing process. 



Finetech Color Matching Cabinet is a reliable instrument for visually assessing and evaluating colors. It’s utilized across diverse industries and laboratories to ensure the color quality and consistency of a sample, and to identify the occurrence of metamerism. The features of this tool include:

  • Conditions of lighting that are standardized and controlled.
  • A viewing area that is expansive.
  • The use of light sources of superior quality. 

Angle of Viewing Booth

45 Degree

Viewing Booth Material

Wood or Steel


D 65 Artificial Daylight-2 nos,

TL 84 Triphosphorous Fluorescent Light (Point of Sale)-1no,

UV Black light Ultra Violet Black Light-1no,

TFL Tungsten Filament Light-4 no,

CWF Cool White Light-1 no


Time Totalizer accuracy

± 0.2% over entire range

Viewing Area

L 675 x W 455 x H 400 mm


Time Totalizer Least Count

1/10 h

Read out

999.9 hr.

Size of tube light

2 Feet

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